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Behavioral Health

First Choice covers behavioral health services

First Choice by Select Health of South Carolina covers outpatient and rehabilitative behavioral health services (RBHS) provided by medical professionals, licensed independent providers, state agencies, and school districts. If you provide these services, contact your Select Health behavioral health account executives (PDF) to review your contract for possible updates and appropriate credentialing requirements.

Effective July, 1 2017, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility services are being added to the array of covered behavioral health services.

For any other questions regarding contracting and credentialing, call 1-800-741-6605, ext. 54659. In Charleston, dial 1-843-569-4659. For questions concerning authorizations, please call the Select Health Behavioral Health Utilization Department at 1-866-341-8765.

Behavioral health services

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